Tower        Collateral Management Solutions For Commercial Banks and Asset Based Lenders 



About Tower

Tower Collateral Solutions was founded to provide asset based lenders a more "hands-on" knowledge and greater control of its Borrowers without creating additional Lender Liability risks.  Tower provides pre-funding inventory counts, Borrower business reviews and investigation into internal operations, inventory management and security. Additionally, we track the movement of inventory collateral and validate your borrower's reporting as it relates to the Borrowering Based Certificates. This approach allows Lenders to obtain a more in depth knowledge and understanding of the inventory collateral and a thourough look at the businesses that they are lending to.


We strive to be seen by our Client Lenders as the “Canary in the Coal Mine” 

and one of the most important tools in protecting their asset based loan portfolio.


We seek to thoroughly understand the operations of the business of your Borrowers by extensively identifying and interpreting the inventory collateral.

 Tower Collateral Solutions prides itself on thinking “outside the box” in all of our reviews and observations.


The Management of Tower has over 50 years of combined experience in secured lending with inventory collateral management experience in a wide selection of industries and including inventory sales and liquidation. Our expertise lies in identifying what your appraiser and auditor may have missed that affects your underwirtting and Lending decisions. What you don't know can hurt you and we pride ourselves on learning more about your borrower than your internal portfolio manager can know from reading reports.  We are the logical extension of your portfolio management staff and help to reduce lending risk based on underwritting information not available through customary operational reporting.