Tower        Inventory Management Solutions For Asset Based Lenders and Banks



Management Reporting

Tower works with the Lender and Borrower to refine the scope and format of the weekly Borrowing Base Certificate used by the customer to report to Lender. On-going weekly inventory status reports are provided including variance data and management reports which are customized to analyze and track any and all changes to the quantity and quality of inventory as well as the design and make-up of the inventory. Weekly Portfolio Reports and status calls are conducted to provide portfolio managers with detailed changes and trends within the inventory collateral. Agents are appointed at the Borrowers business to assist in the production of weekly data and information. Reports, including a review of business and company operations, are prepared to provide the Lender with a feel of who within the company performs integral operating services including processes and controls. Documented facility information as to ingress and egress to warehouse as well as review and reporting of any and all security issues are provided.