Tower        Inventory Management Solutions For Asset Based Lenders and Banks



Inventory Disposition & Business Wind Down

There are times when a business is unable to recover from a myriad of market, economic and resource challenges. During these times, it becomes critical for the Lender to establish and implement an action plan that jointly provides for the protection of the clients’ interests while maximizing recoveries for all parties involved.

Tower has managed numerous liquidations – both inside bankruptcy protection as well as outside of a court oversight process.Tower's goal is to recover the maximum value from the inventory collateral to ultimately cover outstanding financial obligations to the Lender.

Tower will determine the best course of disposition and will implement a clearly defined and orderly process to convert inventories into cash for financial recovery to the Lender. Throughout the liquidation process, Tower is committed to provide effective communication to all parties.

Tower also performs Orderly Liquidation Management Services for inventories, acting as an agent for the Lenders.

Procedures and Systems: 

  • Prepare the inventory for sale.
  • Ascertain the most desired marked for the inventory.
  • Coordinate all marketing including advertising and auctions.
  • Systematically place a team in place on site to handle the liquidation process while enabling the company to maintain full operations.
  • Establish payment systems and procedures.