Tower         Inventory Management Solutions For Asset Based Lenders and Banks



Ongoing Inventory Monitoring Management

Customers provide periodic reporting to Tower who will analyze various data and report to the Lender on a weekly bases the current quantity and quality status of the inventory collateral. Tower performs either full or partial physical count for Inventory of goods located and stored at Company warehouse(s) and prepares a variance report comparing Enterprise inventory report to the actual physical counts.


Tower provides on-going weekly inventory status reports including:

  • Inventory management reports and variance data which are customized to analyze and track any and all changes to the quantity of inventory, as well as, the design and make-up of the inventory.


  • Weekly Portfolio reports and status calls are made to the Lender to provide portfolio managers with detailed changes and trends within inventory collateral.


  • Tower appoints Agents at the borrower's business to assist in and the production of weekly data and information.


  • Tower provides reports reviewing business and company operations to provide the Lender with a feel of who within company performs integral operating services including processes and controls.


  • Tower provides documented facility information as to ingress and egress to warehouse as well as review and reporting of any and all security issues.


  • Tower reports on existing or potential key staff issues/concerns.


  • Additionally, Tower provides for the establishment, organization, and implementation of processes and controls including conclusions and solutions.