I found Collision Care on yelp and Google and while looking through multiple reviews. The reviews seemed positive and the work appeared to be quality. So I decided to put my faith in the Internet and take the plunge. My vehicle had suffered a front end collision. The front bumper ,hood, radiator support
and passenger side headlight were damaged and needed to be replaced. In addition to the driver side and passenger side fender panels which were also  damaged, but they only needed to be bent back in place and repainted. Before coming to Collision Care on site I personally purchased and sourced all the above listed parts myself. The front bumper and hood were both aftermarket parts. The hood was fiberglass and the front bumper was polyurethane which typically require additional attention over traditional OEM parts.

However, myself and the advisor were both unaware that the aftermarket hood required a special primer that was not normally used on vehicles and was not on hand. So the primer had to be ordered which delayed the overall repair which was understandable considering this was not discovered until the actual production committee started work on the vehicle. After dropping off my vehicle on a Saturday and speaking with the Collision advisor during my appointment I was told that the vehicle will be ready by Friday to my surprise almost 2 weeks went by before my vehicle was ready after back to back phone calls and emails with the staff. Once I finally got my vehicle back I drove off with excitement of having a brand new looking car. Upon initial examination my car looked good. It looked brand new but as I started to look at it in more detail I noticed there were small indentations on the hood, front bumper and driver side and passenger fender side panels. The panels prior to this collision work did display any form of indentation or bubble in the paint. So I called and discussed the issue with the advisor and staff.

I brought my vehicle after confirming an appointment. I relayed all the issues above to a member of the staff while we were inspecting my vehicle. I made sure to point out all the issues including indentations and the missing paint on the passenger side corner of the fender panel where it meets the bumper. He explained to me that the production manager said that the paint on the hood had several layers of clearcoat which needed to settle before refinishing the hood again in order to avoid any problems with the final result. So I left and I said I'll be back in a month and I even wrote an email detailing the conversation I had with the gentleman and my plans to return. Fast forward almost a month later and I sent an email to my former Collision advisor and to the service email address, but I didn't receive a response and I had to call and I was told that members of would staff reach out to me however this was on a Thursday and I did not receive a call back at the end of the week or  on Monday. It's a bit disappointing but I feel like I'm a nuisance having to bother them to fix these issues. The total of the repairs not including the parts only the labor cost over $3000. The rental cost which was initially around $500 but eventually doubled to over $1000 due to delays in the repair has completely blown my initial rental budget out of the water. I'm not necessarily complaining about the repairs. The hood and bumper were fitted properly and the car was realigned with the radiator support installed. My vehicle turned out pretty well, but there were details(indentions and bubbles) in the paint which I know later down the road will become a problem that needs to be addressed. Also the paint is peeling off of the front bumper on the driver side where it meets the fender panel. It's been like pulling teeth just to get in contact with somebody who can resolve this. I'm not one to complain and I don't mean to write this review to necessarily target collision care express ,but it does feel like I am being ignored here and after spending over $3000 on repairs alone not including parts or the $1000+ dollars I spent on the car rental because of the extra days when my car was being repaired. I feel disappointed with my vehicle's result after all this time and money I have had to put in to this problem with no clear solution in sight. Be wary, do your research and do it again. No one cares about your vehicle more than you do.

thumb Deric L.

  My husband fount this location upon reading the positive reviews received. Theo and his team went above and beyond to provide us with updates throughout the whole time my vehicle was in the shop for repair. We felt after speaking with Theo on the initial consultation we were in excellent hands!! We highly recommend this location if your looking for good quality work, and a nice team to assist you on your repair needs.

thumb Jia H.

  Came here to get my bumper repaired due to a very unusual mishap. The best experience I've had in my years of dealing with Collision Centers. They were so transparent In telling you exactly what you needed, and they will match the quality of the work as if it came from the manufacturer. My actual price was $500+ cheaper than I was quoted at the time I dropped my vehicle off. Just good to know we still have honest people running good businesses out here.

thumb Earnest C.